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Now-a-days, there is a huge demand for Digital Marketing and SEO is the most important one.

Companies look for SEO Specialists, who can increase organic and ROI.

SEO may target different kinds of search, including image search, local search, video search, and news search engines. Employing a sound SEO strategy will help position any website properly to be found at the most critical points in the buying process.

This SEO Mastery Course will cover all the aspects of SEO and help beginners to enhance their knowledge.

Here are the details:

SEO Mastery Syllabus [8 Weeks Program]

Week 1: SEO Introduction

  • Lesson 1: Evolution of Search Engines
  • Lesson 2: SEO Vs. SEM
  • Lesson 3: Keyword Research
  • Lesson 4: Checking SEO Traffic in Google Analytics

Week 2: Mastering the Google Search Console

  • Lesson 5: Adding a Website Inside Search Console
  • Lesson 6: Setting Up the Preferred Website Version
  • Lesson 7: Fetch as Google for Quick Indexing
  • Lesson 8: Security and Malware Prevention for Good SEO
  • Lesson 9: Search Analytics and Keyword Analysis
  • Lesson 10: Crawl Data, Sitemaps, and URL Parameters
  • Lesson 11: Core Vitals and Other Resources in Search

Week 3: On-Page SEO Optimization

  • Lesson 12: Introduction to On-Page SEO
  • Lesson 13: Page Load Speed
  • Lesson 14: Title, Meta Description & URL
  • Lesson 15: Ideal Content-Length for Good SEO
  • Lesson 16: Search Engine & User Friendly Content
  • Lesson 17: LSI Keywords (Latent Semantic Index)

Week 4: Off-Page SEO

  • Lesson 18: Understanding Off-Page Optimization
  • Lesson 19: DoFollow and NoFollow Links
  • Lesson 20: High-Quality Backlinks with Guest Posting

Week 5: Advanced SEO

  • Lesson 21: Technical Concepts of SEO
  • Lesson 22: Voice Search
  • Lesson 23: Understanding of Google Algorithm’s
  • Lesson 24: Long-Tail Keywords to scale traffic

Week 6: Local SEO

  • Lesson 25: What is Local SEO?
  • Lesson 26: How to Add a Listing on Google My
  • Lesson 27: How to Perform Local SEO?

Week 7: Long Term SEO

  • Lesson 28: How Branding Helps in SEO?

Week 8: Monetizing Your SEO Skill

  • Lesson 29: How to Sell SEO Services as an Agency?
  • Lesson 30: Bonus Videos | Content Writing

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