How to become a better marketer? A Roadmap for Marketing Professionals and Entrepreneurs

With emerging technology, many things got changed in the field of Marketing in a very short period.

In today’s world, highly successful marketers should be aware of the essential skills: Know their customers & market, revenue-driven, remarkable customer experience, use data to make decisions, write well and deliver specific, identifiable results. Successful Marketers should never stop acquiring new marketing tricks.

We will explore more about the fundamentals of marketing, in-depth marketing, and its differences. We will talk about the CATT Marketing Funnel, integrated digital marketing and its benefits, marketing trends, communication skills, and the importance of global economics in marketing.

In order to be a better Marketer:


We all talk about the importance of marketing for any business, but how many of us really understand, what marketing is?

This article is insightful for the freshers, professionals, marketers, entrepreneurs, owners, and the founders of the businesses because we all should be a marketer.

Marketing refers to activities a company undertakes to promote the buying or selling of a product, service, or good. It’s a science, instead of creativity. We all think that marketing is about creativity but marketing is always based upon the demand of the customers. Marketing as a science is about objectively using data to support decision-making. Marketing as a science is really about running good controlled experiments to test hypotheses.

Marketing starts before creating any product to understand the user personas so that you can send the right message to the right person and at right time. Marketing is just not about selling, we have to keep on updating and educating the audience with the services so that they will remain your customers for a lifetime. Marketing is always meaning to an end, which should build a brand and capture a position in the consumer’s minds. This is “The Law of Marketing”

“The aim of marketing is to know and understand the customer so well the product or service fits him and sells itself… The aim of marketing is to make selling superfluous.” — Peter Drucker

The way of marketing, strategy, and channels can be changed but the principles for marketing should remain the same. We should focus on creating a good product, which sells itself. A great product will sell automatically with the power of Word of Mouth, which is the best and trustworthy channel ever.

Marketing helps to discover the needs of prospective customers. With time, Marketing trends and tricks keep on changing. A good marketer should always update themselves with new trends and tricks of the market.

Digital Marketing vs. Traditional Marketing: which is better?

In general, people think that Digital Marketing has been taken over traditional marketing. Traditional Marketing has fallen over because people find smartphones a lot more user-friendly. Hence, marketers have started targeting digital platforms. Digital marketing is essential for businesses today. It’s become routine for consumers to conduct research and make purchases online. Whereas, Traditional marketing plays an important part in reaching local audiences.

So, if the product is generic marketers can target TV Ads, which can reach millions at a low cost. The marketing niche plays an important role. Niche selection is the most important for any marketers, for which one should go narrow and be specific about the product or services you are providing to the audience.

While comparing Digital vs. Traditional Marketing, traditional methods are often viewed as outdated or irrelevant. However, many of these tactics are still useful and effective today. Depending on the business and target audience, traditional marketing methods may be the better choice.

Niche GraphLet’s talk about, choosing your Niche?

You need to have a combination of Talent, Market, and Passion. Evaluate your passion and talent. Figure out, if there is a market of your niche and the competition. Now you may test your niche, One way to test your niche — before you set up an entire website — is to create a landing page that promotes a free info product related to your niche.

nCATTOnce you have chosen your niche, its time to set the CATT Marketing Funnel

CATT stands for Content [C], Attention [A], Trust [T], Transaction [T]. A very useful and important method to generate leads and sales.

Content should be provided to attract your customers based upon the Niche in the form of a blog posts, videos, webinars, lead magnets, etc.

Attention will be given, once the valuable content shared with your target audience. Drive attention to the content via SEO, social media, paid ads, and referrals.

Trust, can be generated after the audience will start paying attention to your content. Then you need to start building trust with tripwires, marketing automation, and retargeting.

The transaction, after building trust you may able to convert your leads into customers with a natural sales method.

Digital Marketing has unique ways to achieve successful results. In which, Integrated Digital Marketing is an important way to complement the digital marketing methods to reach the goal of increasing revenues and customer attention. Here, I am listing the common methods of Digital Marketing are:

· Search Engine Marketing

· Search Engine Optimization

· Email Marketing

· Social Media Marketing

· Pay Per Click

· Content Marketing

Integrated Digital marketing

The above image will show, how each method complements each digital marketing method. If you try to only implement any one of the methods, will not give you a successful result. Going forward, you should try this method to generate more wealth.

Why Personal Branding is Important?

A personal brand is a key to your professional success as it revolves around how you present yourself to existing and potential clients. To build a personal brand, you should learn new skills through concepts, facts, and procedures. When you learn something, but immediately it into action. You should start practicing it and further implement it into the real world will give you a better understanding of your learnings.


Start writing (blog) about your learnings and experiences, for a better understanding. Which will also help you to build your personal brand. Once you build your personal brand starts consulting other people, instead of working for them. Mentor other people help you scale your understanding to the next level. Then, you go ahead and start your own product and services with the knowledge you gained about the market, the problem, and your own skills. This is what the MASSTRUST [Check the Masstrust Blueprint] and this circle will continuously go on.

Check out the inspiring interview conducted with Satish Kushwaha on Personal Branding through Blogging and YouTube:

Me: How did you get started on blogging?

SK: I am from Devariya, Uttar Pradesh. I have completed my schooling and then moved to City for my Higher Education through scholarship. There I got to know about WiFi and I started searching for “How to earn money online”. I don’t have such talent but somehow I started with doing copy-pasting to content for my blog. At the year-end of my graduation, I have learned about content writing and we can earn too by writing content for someone else. I started writing the content for a Blogger and for each article, I used to get paid INR. 200-300.

Me: That’s great Mr. Kushwaha, Good to hear your story. How you moved to YouTube from Blogging.

SK: My interest Film-Making was my dream from childhood. After finishing college, I have heard of the YouTube Space and I moved to Mumbai along with my friend. My journey was quite struggling but my passion has always overtaken my struggles. I kept shooting the videos, approached many famous YouTubers, and start taking their Interviews. Initially, I didn’t get a response, and people used to say “If he can’t talk well, how he could be fit for taking an Interview” but, I haven’t stopped trying and achieved success.

Me: Interesting, How did you make it happen?

SK: I want to share, 3 learnings of my life. Which helped me to achieve my dreams. Firstly, I started learning books. Books have changed my life a lot.  Second, Dream Big. You will grow based upon your dreams, and the third is networking, you will be the shadow of your surroundings. So, I want to suggest my 3 learnings to all the readers to apply in your life, if you want to see the change in your life too.

Me: Amazing journey, any tip for the audience?

SK: Yes, I just want to share that, “Never underestimate yourself, you have all the potential within you”.

Me: Thank You Mr. Kushwaha, it is so inspiring journey. I am sure the users will get inspired by your story.

“Branding demands commitment; commitment to continual re-invention; striking chords with people to stir their emotions; and commitment to imagination. It is easy to be cynical about such things, much harder to be successful.” — Sir Richard Branson

Setting your goal to make 1 Crore:

Let’s assume, I made a financial goal of making 1 crore in 2 years. We need to create a product for which we will be having a wider audience and will able to sell the product in a less amount. Going forward, in your niche if you find less audience, you have to set the product price higher to make it achievable.

How to make 1 crore plan?

The above graph shows the details about getting the customers to make 1 crore with different strategies. For instance, if you do have a goal of making 1 crore, so you have to plan your strategy based upon the product you develop.

Importance of Communication Skills in Marketing:

In marketing, communication plays an important role in transferring your thought to someone effectively. It doesn’t care about vocabulary or grammar or mean that you should be knowing sophisticated English.

You need to understand the audience well, so you need to write like you are talking to people face-to-face across the table. To work more on your communication skills, I recommend you to write more, read books, start thinking in English. At least make a goal of writing 500 words daily or watch stand-up comedy or sitcoms etc.

Every entrepreneur should know about global Economics, which helps you to make decisions in business based on economics. The country’s economics goes up as the average age of the country goes up. Based upon the global economy, your product and services will survive in the market. That’s why recession creates strong companies and drives out the weak companies out of the market. You have to be frugal with your outlook, spending, and highly efficient in the business.


We should always remember the law of marketing to become better marketer. The Fundamental of marketing is creating a great product, which people will get discover and also have a good perception about the product. Integrate Digital Marketing methods to get achievable success for your product and services. Always go with the CATT Marketing Funnel and build your personal brand to keep the circle of MassTrust Blueprint circle goes on. Learn new skills, facts, and procedures, work and implement them into the real world, teach others as a mentor for your own better understanding. Overall, you must be aware that investing time and energy in learning marketing is a must.

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